I guess the title says it all but quick back-story: I'm originally from Switzerland and I've written all my short stories, prose and books in my mothertongue, German. With 24 I moved country and English became my new main communication language. On top of that I work in IT which personally I use to 99% in English too. So after a longer break due to various reasons, I picked up writing again and naturally wrote in German – and I hated it. All of it. I felt bad at it and felt like I didn't find the right words anymore and just couldn't express myself anymore. It was very frustrating until the solution literally poped up in my head; I was as far as even thinking in English by now, why not write in it…

Now I don't wanna bother you with the challenge I put on myself with that decision and I'm very aware by now, on what it means to write in a 2nd language… But as my new book -now in English- is getting closer to be done I'm wondering:

TLDR My mothertongue is German but I moved country and started to use English way more, as far as thinking in EN most of the time, and finally deciding to write in EN too.

So when writing to a publisher with an example chapter or similar, how would you advise to mention that I'm writing in my 2nd language? Because, personally, I do think it's best to mention it. I'm just not sure on the best approach. I don't wanna end up sounding like "I may write crappy but hey, give it a try anyway" ;P – or similar 😉

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What do you think?

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