I wrote my first book about six years ago. I thought for the longest time it was fine. I would “edit” it, but it was mostly grammar and spelling. I set it aside for a long time. Recently I had a friend Alpha read it. I was told it was good but needed better descriptions in general, and there were some parts where the person got confused about who was speaking. I ran it through Grammarly and set it aside once more.

I was thinking that I was one of those lucky people that didn't need to completely overhaul their works. That editing wasn't going to be scraping huge sections and rewriting them. I thought it was going to be easy simple fixes, and I was glad.

Then I spent two years writing. I set myself a word count goal. In the first year, I wrote 8 books and over 500k words. Last year I wrote over 750k words and 11 books. This year I decided that I needed to do some real editing.

With that in mind, I picked up that first long ago finished book. I kept in mind that description comment, and set to do some serious editing. The first three chapters were good. I was happy. And then I got to the next three. They were all a steaming pile of shit. I could tell that I had lost motivation at one point, and just started telling a time gap to move along to something else I wanted to write. They need a complete overhaul, and I’m so horrified I never realized how bad it was, and that I let someone read it.

But it taught me a valuable lesson. I need to put books aside, but more so, I need to keep writing to get better so I can see my shit piles more clearly.

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