How were the troops of the 101st airborne division treated by locals during Operation Arkansas?


I recently saw a meme about the Little rock nine and the deployment of the 101st airborne to enforce federal law. It raised some interesting questions for me.

These troops are supposed the best of the best yet they are deployed in their own country to protect nine children from segregationist mobs. How did the troops feel about their deployment? They were in an integrated unit and I assume they were pissed off by the racism since it also hurts their comrades.

Here are some more questions raised by this event:

How did the troops interact with the little rock nine?

How did the troops interact with normal students?

How were the troops treated by locals when standing guard?

Did the troops have to use force while deployed?

Was there any tension inside the unit due to their predicament?

Did some of the troops maintain a relationship with any of the little rock nine after the fact?

Did the soldiers retaliate when the little rock nine were attacked?

Source: reddit post


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