Ok, the part that actually stumps me is taking the setting of my story into consideration. The novel is set in an apocalyptic USA 3,100 years into the future after an immensely strong solar flare. A couple of months in, the main character’s daughter gets kidnapped because of his negligence and after two days of searching, he finds her and busts her out. Thing is, the kidnappers also had another girl around her age(15) that the main character, named Aran, now has to take care of otherwise… well, you know how the apocalypse works. Then they go back to their underground bunker and stay there for a while

Keep in mind, he didn’t finish the two kidnappers, the girls did, which would factor into his reaction to the whole situation. How would a father typically react to this situation? How would he try to get close to her or earn her trust? These girls went through a traumatic experience, so would be try to do something about it? Would he even trust her or would he be leery of her?

Thanks in advance!

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