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Hi all, not sure if what I'm writing will be accurate to what really happened and to the actual history of the guerrilla unit. I'm just writing this because they don't have that much recognition here in the Philippines and I was also a cadet back when I was in high school. Hope you guys enjoy this sliver of Philippine history! All of what I'm writing is based on a documentary I watched and a few articles about them!

The Hunters ROTC was a guerrilla unit based on the Philippines during the Second World War. What was notable about the guerrilla unit was that it was mainly composed of cadets from the Philippine Military Academy which was under the United States Army Forces in the Far East (USAFFE) at that time, meaning they were merely first year college students. With the declaration of Manila as an open-city, which gave the Japanese control of Manila to minimize damage to the city. With the occupation of Manila, the USAFFE retreated back to Bataan and Corregidor to mount a final defensive against the Japanese forces, the cadets during that time were ordered to remain in manila to due to their age.

Most of The cadets want to help with the war effort thus the birth of the Hunters ROTC which was led by cadet Terry Adevoso at its beginning. Adevoso was the highest ranking cadet of his batch which made him the de facto leader of the unit along with other cadets from his batch. Later on they would recruit other cadets from other schools to join their unit. With their growing numbers, they started of an an intelligence gathering group helping the war effort however they can, but later on they grew in confidence and staged their first raid to obtain the needed equipment to be a legit fighting force. Back then Schools were used as bases and armories for the Occupants and them, being civilians and kids at the time didn't drew much attention from the Japanese soldiers stationed at the time. Their raid at Union College in Manila was successful and they were able to obtain all sorts of weaponry from the armory.

After the raid, word had spread of the raid on one of the Japanese armories and soon the Japanese were on the trail of the guerrilla unit.

With the raid being successful they needed a base of operations which made them go up to the hills in the area of Antipolo. Soon after they would stage their very first ambush and encounter with the Japanese army. Armed only with rifles and a handful of heavy machine guns. At the time of the ambush, the units manpower was just well below 50 and the Japanese convoy with a detachment numbering well over 200 soldiers. The Hunters ROTC planned that on one side of the road would be where the machine gun emplacements would be and on the other side would be the ones armed with the rifles. With the machine gun fire on the side soldiers would take cover behind the convoy not knowing that they would only be shot down by the other group on that side. This marked the first every victory against the Japanese by the Hunters ROTC.

That would not be the only victory of the Hunters ROTC, there would also be defeats and captures of their leaders. Another notable raid of the Hunters ROTC would be the raid of of a Japanese prison camp where they rescued their captured comrades and avoided capture and detection after the alarm was blasted about the prison escape.The Hunters ROTC would also be vital in securing the landing zone of the Liberation campaign of Gen. Douglas MacArthur.

If you'd like to know more about the Hunter's ROTC I highly recommend watching the Documentary Unsurrendered 2: The Hunters ROTC Guerrillas.

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