This happened about two months ago at the start of the new semester in design school. I met this guy in some of my classes, he was quite cute and I didn’t notice there was anything wrong with him at first. It wasn’t until after a few dates I realized he was a Kevin. I noticed pretty quickly there was something off, but I convinced myself he was making sarcastic jokes for a little bit. Oh and for context, he’s 21.

Here’s some instances that stick out to me:

  • He asked me if he sucked on my breasts if milk would squirt out. He thought women just had milk all the time.

-We saw a police car drive by at night, and he was shocked. He thought police didn’t have shifts at night because they had to sleep.

-I had to spend 20 minutes explaining that mozzarella came in balls as well as shredded. He really didn’t believe me even when I showed him a ball. He said it was chicken.

He was also insufferable in class. He’s one of those people who think they’re really smart, groundbreaking artists, but he’s actually just bad. He doesn’t do the work and when he does he turns in something completely different than the project, with the reason that he “didn’t want to be like everyone else.”

When anyone confronts him (nicely) he gets super defensive and attacks everyone else’s work. For example, we’re all just throwing shapes together.

Sometimes the teacher will ask him a question and he just won’t answer. Sometimes he’ll sit there for 30 seconds staring blankly and then say something fake deep.

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Long story short I ended things with him saying I just wanted to be friends. He still messages me weird flirty shit.

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