I can’t figure out an arc/plot/story for my female lead in part 2 of my fantasy novel


Okay, so book one is about our farm boy hero with a magic sword helping our noble girl run away from having to marry the king, cliche i know but there's a twist at the end

At first she was very guilty of being a pretty lamp, so I gave her more personality, a little spoiled but growing to love common life, a love of reading she shares with the hero, stuff like that. She gets kidnapped right before they reach safety, climax happens, shes saved, but Hero learns a terrible secret about her destiny that could destroy the world and keeps it from her.

Working on part 2 now, Hero is struggling with the guilt of keeping this secret about her destiny from her. He asks her father for her hand and the two are engaged to be married. Sub plot about her brother dealing with the political fall out of the hero laying waste the capital and killing the king (and having his own romantic sub plot with a female assassin) and the Hero's plot is about learning more about the sword and the destiny tied to it and the threat of the end of the world approaching.

As for our "Leading Lady" shes getting ready for the wedding…that's it, that's all I got. could really use some help figuring out something for her to do, maybe trying to get though to MC about why he seems off lately, like she suspects he's hiding something from her.

TLDR: What do you do with the princess's character AFTER she's been saved from the evil villain?

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