I’ve had this idea for a story for 6 years now. I’ve written a couple chapters. Scrapped it. Then rewrote. It’s a never ending cycle. I have all these ideas for stories but it’s hard for me to finish, or even get halfway through writing them. But this one story has stuck out to me in particular. The problem is, as a beginner at writing, I have no idea how to write this one particular story. I have 4 main characters. All are cousins, and witches. I’ll give you a description of the way I view them.

Emma: She’s the youngest one. She struggles with depression, and anxiety. She tends to underestimate herself a lot. Her parents are divorced, and her dad travels for work, so she spent most of her childhood with her mom. She’s a talented pianist and painter, but her fear of never being good enough keeps her from doing those things. She has the ability of precognition and post-cognition.

Serena: Her and her twin Daniel are the oldest. She puts on an act like she’s better than anybody else, but she’s secretly unhappy with herself. She pretends that she’s dumb, but is actually very smart. She never knew her father. Her mom is a narcissist, and is always downing her or her brother about something. She struggles with bulimia. She has the ability to communicate with spirits.

Daniel: He’s an easy going person. He barely lets anything his mother says get to him. He’s incredibly smart, but he tends to have blackouts often. He’s unsure of what he wants to do with his life. He’s gay, and his mother disowns him when she finds out. He has the ability to astral project.

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Genevieve: She’s an unstable person. Her father was an abusive drunk. He left when she was 5. She’s afraid she’s slowly turning into her father. She doesn’t even recognize herself sometimes. She’s a talented guitarist and singer. She’s great with animals, even wild ones. She has a diagnosis of BPD. She has the ability to start fires with her mind.

I’m not good with summarizing plots, but I’ll try. The cousins never spent much time together, so they don’t really know much about one another. They all lived in different states. Their grandfather dies, and they go with their mothers to the funeral, but their mothers decide to stay in town so they can take care of their grandma. The cousins are blackmailed into doing harmless things, then the requests get weirder, and deadlier. If they don’t complete a task, someone is murdered. Once they realize that the blackmailers goal is to gain control over the town, they have to work together to figure out who it is, and stop them. All while dealing with their personal issues.

That’s about it. My problem is, how can I write something with 4 main characters, 4 very different personalities, and not put one character above another. I want them to have all to have the same attention drawn to them.

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