My story is a love story (of course) about a troubled boy, Evan, running away into Indiana, and a well behaved town girl, Lilith, going to Indiana for college. They meet and fall really deep in love despite their practically opposite backgrounds. after Lilith finishes college, the couple moves to New York.

Evan is troubled and has some trauma from when he was younger, and Lilith is like a therapist for him, being his shoulder to cry on. Also, Lilith really helps him stay healthy. He smokes and she wants him to stay healthy so she helps him quit this and other bad habits. He also leaves an impact on her, helping her learn how to really open up emotionally and how to balance her work/school life with friends and family. They benefit each other a lot and teach each other about how to live their best lives together.

I hope this gives enough information about the story to help get a title for now, because I have practically everything about this story in line besides a title and I just can't think of anything.


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