A major character is getting banished from my story because he has no fucking place in it anymore.

He is fired and must go because

a) this tale is set in fantasy Japan and he gets dangerously close to being a white savior due to being a personification of Western values in a non-Western country.

b) he is also a blatant Mary Sue and not even the fun sort.

c) his role is better filled by the Four Heavenly Kings of Buddhism. There is no reason their spotlight has to be taken by him now.

d) his very existence is bound to offend some religious fanatics somewhere and I'd rather not get my head chopped off by an idiot who is butthurt I personified their religion as an awesome demigod.

e) his original role is hard to justify. He is a child of the ultimate deity who embodies virtues and spiritual purity making an alliance with a cruel storm spirit who has connections to the very much impure land of the dead (and that makes no theological sense). To make matters worse he is an absolute fish out of water.

f) seriously, what the heck is a European deity doing in Japan? I honestly can't think of a reason he might be there. There is no reason for him to be there other than I thought naively he'd make a good hidden hero working behind the scenes.Yet there is no context I can think of which explains his presence here. A bunch of Japanese kids fighting for their lives against demons are not terribly likely to seek the help of a foreign deity (assuming they are even religious to begin with) and the villains have no reason to get his attention either.

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Bonus reason: this was a failed attempt to rehabilitate an abandoned character from an unfinished work


I created a Jesus wannabe and dropped him on the wrong frigging side of the continent into the middle of a struggle between East Asian people and their warring deities. Any niche he could be filling ought to go to somebody more deserving of the spotlight. Hence, I am removing this character.

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