In my original story I've been working on, I've reached a point where my characters are going to finally kiss. The problem is, I'm not sure my main character is ready for it. She's fought against opening up to her bounty hunting partner (this takes place way in the future btw, so it's not like bounty hunters we know on TV) and has only recently started acting like her old self before some background plot ruined her life. Right now, they're celebrating in a bar and acting goofy because both have a little alcohol in them. I don't want her so drunk she can't remember kissing him and he's not as drunk as her by any means, so he's not interested in taking advantage of her in anyway. I think I want him to stop it because he thinks it's best for her. I just have to get to the point where they actually kiss. I don't want it to happen at the bar, but they do have to stay overnight on Earth before going back to Mars. Any suggestions on when and where? If you want to kind of understand the dynamic of my characters, I can link my story. It's not updated to where I've written, but I think their relationship can be understood in what I have posted. Let me know!

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