Hey all. So I would consider myself pretty knowledgeable when it comes to narrative for stories. I know about arcs, and cycles, ad characters wants and needs, and I also know that for a story to work you need conflict. In fact you probably need tonnes of conflict, more than you think. Sure getting the kingship is a conflict, but you also need conflict every step of the way towards that.

The thing I've found though, is that I don't really want to write conflict. So I'll be writing a scene in a story and it will just be people talking, or just things happening. There could be conflict there, in fact there is always a hint of a conflict happening, but I never seem to realise that conflict. I will always skirt past it and then resolve it quickly.

For example in my first novel, I had a scene in the library and with the librarian. The character wanted the library for himself, and I could have had some conflict with the librarian about this and the secret the MC had and what have you. I did none of those things. They just had a chat about what the library meant to them, and the old man handed the keys essentially over.

You see, I know this is a problem. I know all about conflict. I've written stories with conflict in them and know that it makes the story more juicy. Yet my natural instinct is to not have any of that conflict in the story, I almost have to force myself to have it.

Why is this? And does anyone else have a similar problem, how did you get past it?

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