Hi! It's my first time delving into writing, so I'm still inexperienced. Anyway, I have been writing my main character's back story, and I realized that it forms a great portion of his growth. In short : The back story is about how the character's views about what justice is change throughout his travel. He set out originally to find the tribe that he thought had wrongfully imprisoned and killed his father (who was his idol as a person) only to find out that his father had been imprisoned due to participating in a Massacre against that tribe. As a result of that, he starts to ponder the duality of injustice in this incident (I.e, how both he, and the tribe were injusticed) and this considerably changes his character.

I feel as if I wrote too much growth in his back story, as The actual story is supposed to start two years after that. Anyone have any ideas on how I can add more flaws to him, so that he still has space to grow within the actual story? Or did I just write the interesting parts of his personal growth away?


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