My main character is Eliza (also referred to as: Red Menace and Mad Dog). She's extremely intelligent and is naturally physically strong, however she grew up in an abusive home. One time when her mother starts abusing her again, she decided to fight back and ended up hospitalizing her mother, got disowned from family inheritance and ran away. Some time later met with Gregory who is an outgoing ambitious and somewhat self centered paladin seeking to become a great hero like the ones told in stories and songs and making a name for himself. Together, they form an adventuring party along with two other people. She also has some anger issue as well. She is polite and cold on the outside, rarely engaging in any social event, but can get really violent if she gets angry which she is really easily provoked.

So I've been working on her aesthetic (armors, weapons, abilities etc). I decided to gave her a giant sword based on a zweihander because I based it off my dark souls build. She wears an ugly and cheap but extremely durable iron armor. I was also planning on having her losing one of her arm which is replaced by a mechanical arm which can fully function like a real arm, but stronger. The mechanical arm has a grappling hook at the underside of it's arm, it's wire as strong as an elevator lift cable. It's very versatile and could be used in a lot of scenario such as grappling to a higher position, or be use to grapple to enemy and pull them closer or even grapple on objects to move them. The each knuckles on the arm are shotgun barrel, while very inaccurate due to it's positioning, it can be modified to fire all barrel at the same time(which doesn't damage the arm in any way) and cause devastating damage

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She had the magical ability to increase the temperature of her to the point of it being able to turn into fire, and she combines this power with the "soul power" of previous enemy she killed to being able to enhance her ability or manipulate them in various ways such as making it a homing skull bombs or extending the attacking range of her already large greatsword by imbuing her sword with her boiling blood and creating a piercing fire at the tip of her sword , or use her flaming blood along with molotov to create an area denial

I feel like her aesthetic, personality and past (and not her magical ability) is too much to that of guts from berserk to the point of being a complete ripoff. You know, with all the giant sword, automaton arm, immense physical strength, a best friend who is complete opposite of her and sad abusive past. She almost resembles guts in every way except her gender which the reader might notice

I never read or watch berserk but I've heard people talk about series a lot, and saw some youtube videos about analysis of the series

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