To keep it short, I don't have a writing schedule or a writing habit and I'm too overtly tired all the time.

Long story, when I write I do write and I can go for extended periods writing. I can never keep this on a day to day basis though and by the time I sit down to write I forget what I wrote and can't get the inspiration.

I've got a busy work schedule, 10 hours a day with two to 1 days off depending on the week. I try to go to sleep between 11:30 and 12:30 at night, I've tried interminent fasting, exercise and eating much more properly. Currently though I'm feeling very sick and cannot breathe properly at all so it's been impossible to do any of that.

I know that if I were to bring back my exercise and sleeping routine back I wold help myself CONSIDERABLY. I know I can't write after work as my mind will be too fucked and it will prevent me from sleeping. I need to discipline myself to wake up at 6 in the morning to just write. But I need some advice. My book is this close, I just need to put in those 1000 words a day I keep promising myself.

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