I have a weird idea for a novel, but I want to hear different opinions about it.


So basically it's in the future, and people have figured out a way to make instant "humans". This new technology is used for couples counseling. So these married couples go into the clinic that can do this. And what they learn is that they will be given a test, and then have a sort of device attached to their head (not sure if that or given a brain scan or something) then this machine will dig into their mind and find there deepest most real sexual fantasy. This fantasy will then become "real" through the machine and the person can be in a room alone with now the real embodiment of there fantasy. I was inspired by the science fiction novel called Solaris for the idea of these "human" embodiments of fantasies. Kind of hard to explain, but they are not hallucinations, they are real and are supposed to "fix" the person or somehow relieve them of this fantasy so they can get back to having this healthy intimate relationship they want with there partner. Idk thought it was a cool idea, let me know if you think its whack or has some potential!!

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