I have about three rough drafts of novels. I got the word count in, but they're really disorganized and jumbled. Do you suggest editing these or starting yet another novel? If you do suggest editing, do you have any tips about where to start?

-I have one story that is quite long and quite disjointed, so I'd have to restructure the entire plot for it to make sense. I didn't outline it at all.

-I have another rough draft that I roughly outlined, but it needs some major tweaks for the plot to make sense. However, I do feel like it is at least a bit more organized than the first one. This is a romance novel. The thing that is difficult is that it's about a woman escaping from an abusive relationship and going into a healthy one, but half of the story is about the abusive relationship.

-I have started another novel that I outlined a bit more, and I got every chapter of this one edited with my college editing service. I feel much better about this one, but it's not finished yet at all. However, what I do have is more organized and makes more sense, and my fiction teacher said he really liked it when I took the prologue to the workshop. This is about a sadistic teacher who manipulates the main character into all kinds of things and then sort of goes along from there. It's dark but I feel the best about this one, even though I do not have the word count I need just yet. In this case, I know I probably would need to keep writing the thing before editing it, but I wanted some input.

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So, any suggestions about what to edit/keep working on or just not worry about editing? Also, if anyone has suggestions about the editing process and how this works for you, that would be wonderful. It's very difficult for me to edit my own writing because I am not objective enough. Thanks!

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