So, my book got picked up a while back. (Yay!). It was my first attempt at publishing, though several attempts at a novel. I’m familiar with most of the process, but I’ve never had to deal with an editor.

I’ve done research on editor interactions, and know the gist. As in, I know you can push back, and should if you truly believe in something. This is where my dilemma comes in:

There is a portion of my book that she wants to completely change. A character would act different than I expected, their arc would change, the ending would change (a little), and it would undermine a big part of what I was going for. Maybe not a huge change overall, but I dislike it.

I’ve pushed back. From everything I’ve researched, if I truly care, I can do that. But it’s been two back and fourths, one where I straight up said no, and she refuted. Next, I tried to change it somewhere in between—trying to fix what she cared about without changing the most important aspects for me.

Still, she pushed back.

Should I stand my ground or say fuck it?

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