So I'm in high school. English has always been my least favorite subject, mainly due to the fact that I can't write to save my life. My writing always sounds choppy and I don't seem to be able to communicate what I want to. However, I have always loved reading. I go through books quickly. If the book is good enough I can burn through 500 pages + on a day with no school in one sitting. I always dreamed of being able to write good stories. Really transfer the feeling and image I have in my head to the reader. The problem is I can't. I would love to write about a mysterious traveler along liminal roads in the night. Or a book that really encompasses the feeling of the rain or of autumn or nature. My writing is always choppy and bad let alone elegant and beautiful. I would greatly appreciate any tips that you guys have for being able to write the stories I want to and communicate the feelings and images I have in my head in an elegant way. Thank you so much for any help!

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