I woke up. Upon opening my eyes, all I could feel was the sharp sting of light. Light can be unbearable sometimes, I've always found it to be so. Lest my eye has adapted themselves to the new surrounding. All I could see is the sky. The sky. It looked so beautiful. The bright blue was covered in thick gray rain clouds today. From between the dark clouds, a few rays of sunlight peeked through. Casting upon the other gray clouds a golden sheen. The scene took my breath yet it looked so melancholic. What made the sky sad? Maybe the angels up above knew. I felt as if beauty was always hidden somewhere inside sadness. I still did not know where I was. Proceeding to stand up, I could feel the rather harsh surface rubbing against my soles. It did not took me long to figure out I was standing on a cliff. The edge of a cliff at that. Of course I was, I feel like fool for now understanding it sooner. Life always makes us stand on places we are not supposed to be on, perhaps that's the thing that makes it worth. I do not know why I am thinking this right now, I don't have enough time left. Looking just forward my marred feet, there was water. The ocean. The gray water moved swiftly along the breeze. In the rhythm of it's own. The waves looked graceful, like the movement of ballerina. Perhaps it was dancing along to it's own music, the music the waves made, who knew?
A burst of cold wind blew the hair away from my face. I knew it was the time. I turn away from the water. I left all my memories for good time. I finally lean back. My body felt so heavy as the water pulled me toward itself. I smiled to the universe one last time before I feel my body colliding with the cold, dark water. It pulled me down as if I always belonged to it. I sink down and down and down. Till I can't see the light anymore. My vision blurred by the dark waves. I have been holding my breath for so long. Too long, as if I was waiting for something important. Nothing was important now, my lungs fell like they have been ignited from the water. Irony. I finally take the breath, the breath I was longing to take. The cold water entered my nostril, down my throat. The same burning sensation continued. As I felt my lungs filling up with water, I couldn't tell if I ended myself or something inside me.

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