Just as the title says. As a backstory, I have received several rejections lately of work that I really am proud of. I lost a ton of motivation. A friend of my father’s offered to help me self-publish a book of short stories, and normally that would get me so hyped and on overdrive, but I couldn’t find the will to do it. I know this happened to everyone though, so I just figured I’d power through it and maybe write some meh stuff for a while and that would be okay. As long as I was writing, and as long as it would get rejected, who cares? It wasn’t like the story had no potential, I honestly liked the story. But I didn’t believe in it. I was going through the motions.

After three days of work on the story, I decided, No. I knew the story that I was passionate about, the previous reject, fit the theme parameters pretty well. I sent that, instead

I was proud of myself, a little. I felt I stood up for myself and my work against my cynical bitter self. The trouble is, I (an ego driven megalomaniac) will inevitably believe I have a shot. Pride in my work will inevitably make me hopeful THIS TIME, THIS TIME will be it. And rejection and lack of motivation and blah blah blah.

The submission process is really, by definition, an act of insanity: You do things a million times thinking “this one, I’ll get it on this one, I’m sure of it,” And you do it over and over, and eventually you feel the call of cheap hack work, or you decide to take a risk with your darlings, over and over again.

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I’m just…beat. Is my attitude wrong? What could I be doing differently to manage my expectations realistically?

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