I started reading *American Hero Stories*, originally owned by my Great Great Grandfather in the 1920’s. I’ve learned more history from this book than any class could teach me.



Maybe I just never paid attention in class, but these people are waaay more interesting than I thought they were. I’m only about four stories in and there is so much that I didn’t learn in class.

For instance, when Christopher Columbus presented his plan to sail across the Atlantic to the Spanish king, the king sent out an expedition of his own in secret. The crew returned to Spain after encountering heavy storms and claimed that there was no possible way to reach Asia by sailing west. Can you imaging the confidence and bravery that Chris must have had to go anyway?

Example 2: After a much longer than expected journey around South America, Magellan’s first contact with Asia was with a small island. The natives immediately stole everything not bolted down on the ship, and the island was dubbed the “isle of thieves.” Later in their voyage before going home, Magellan decided to exact revenge on the islanders. As they landed on the shores, they were met with hundreds of arrows, the natives being hidden by foliage. Magellan was captured and killed. When the defeated crew pleaded for the natives to return his body to be buried, the thieves refused, claiming that they would display it as a warning to any more cocky sailors.

I hope you found these two summarized sections as interesting as I did.

Also, I noticed that there is some writing behind the sticker on the inner cover. I might try to remove the sticker, but I think I would destroy the writing and the sticker in the process.

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