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"Come on honey, it's just one simple request, it's all I ask of you." Pandora smiled, stepping closer to me. Uncomfortably close. I could feel her breathing on my chest as she spoke, looking up at me with those enchanting eyes of hers. "Come on now, i just want you to put it in my mouth." She pressed closer.

"Pandora, I'm not going to do that to you, I already told you this." I stuttered out, unconsciously taking a step back.

"Come on now, it'll be so quick and easy, it'll be over in a flash." She swooned, grabbing me by the shirt and pushing me, pressing my back against the wall.

"Pandora, I'm not going to fucking kill you, I can't do that!" I said, starting to panic. Pandora always was a little crazy, but now she was taking a dive off the deep end.

"Come on now, I know you have my piece in your back pocket." She gripped my shirt tighter, her voice getting more intense. I could feel the nine millimeter in my pocket digging into my skin as she pushed me against the wall.

"I can't do that, please stop this!" My voice cracked, almost reaching a scream, my arms raised defensively. I could feel her nails digging through my shirt and into my skin, but even that was nothing compared to the look she gave me. I could see- no, I could feel her anger and sadness staring into my soul.

"I'll do it then." The glare subsided momentarily as she let go of my shirt. I could feel her hand slide behind me, hunting around for the gun. Her hand stopped and she grinned as I felt the piece of cold metal slide out the back of my pants.

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"Please don't." I whimpered, watching her check the magazine for any bullets. I had forgotten to unload the weapon when I took it from her drawer.

"Like I said." She paused, grabbing one of my arms and wrapping it around her waist. "It'll be over in a flash." She grabbed my other hand, putting the pistol into my palm and wrapping my fingers around the grip one at a time. I couldn't stop her. I didn't have the will to. All I could do was close my eyes as I felt her raise the gun.

"I love you." I heard her say as she slipped a finger over mine. I waited for what seemed like ages as she put the gun in her mouth and squeezed down on my hand. And just like that, she was gone.

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