I started writing as a kid doing fan fiction type of stories. By high school as I was already putting together some original stories. They were always just for fun and I never really wrapped anything up. In college I finally decided everything else sucked and that's when writing was going to be my career. Then everything changed.

I fought so hard to keep writing and to improve at it. I would do it wherever I had too just to make sure I got the writing in. These circumstances which made me have to write in public came with a ton of distractions. People bumping into me while writing. Sudden loud noises. Lots of interruptions. Computers and technology malfunctioning. The works.

I was on the edge of getting my first writing certificate and I just stopped. Writing became painful. It was no longer fun. Now I can't create anything to put on paper anymore. It literally hurts to write now. Like a terrible inner anxiety.

Has anyone had an experience like this? Did anyone get past it?

Source: reddit post


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