Hello everyone,

I have what is possibly an odd problem and I'm hoping you can help. I want to become a writer. I have a range of topics I want to write about.

I am a speech-language pathologist and I have a social media account with a number of followers. I write some things related to my profession. I want to start expanding my writing to include things like self-development, confidence, social skills, cultural studies, history, etc. I also want to write about other things like how I became sober after years of being a functional alcoholic.

Some of these things fit in with my "professional identity" while others, not so much.

I want to start writing and putting my work out there online, on Twitter, blogging, etc. but I don't want to muddy the lines between my professional and personal writing.

I would love nothing more than to start a blog, but I don't really have a narrow topic of interest yet. I just want to start writing!

Also, I'm not sure if I should start flooding my professional twitter feed with wide ranging articles. I've heard it's not good to be non-specific with stuff like that. People follow me for speech-language pathology advice, not articles about the indigenous people of Peru.

Perhaps I should have another Twitter account, using just my first name and pump all my articles through there? Then keep ones that fit into my professional scope through that account, and perhaps a completely anonymous one for articles about sobriety and other things I don't want to be linked back to me.

Also, where should I start writing to test the waters? Is Medium a good place to start?

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Thanks in advance.

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