Note that she's not just a troubled teen (16) but also a celebrity. My main reasons for her troubled frame of mind is divorcing parents, complete rejection by her father (for reasons) when they used to have a good relationship, peer pressure, and the sexualisation of the entertainment industry.

Specific reasons for her dating older men are: the normalization of said relationships behind the scenes in the entertainment business, bad understanding of boundaries and maturity because of that too, and false perception that this man is giving her real attention in contrast to her fans and her parents who just see her as their money-making machine.

Though I still think there aren't enough reasons for her to pick 30 year old men over the celebrity boys and regular boys her age who constantly drool over her. What do you think? Seriously what makes teenagers do this? Is it really just horniness coupled with a bad understanding of healthy relationships and boundaries because of their background?

In addition, what are some things I could include to show how dating someone far older than you when you're a teenager is a bad idea? (This is besides the fact that the grownups nearly always do it for rxploitive reasons). I was thinking of how inferior she sometimes feels towards her 'partner' because of how she knows nothing about history, can't drive because she never bothered to learn with butlers who could drive her anyway, and can't make health related or financial decisions because she's not a legal adult.

Source: reddit post

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