i hope this is quality work for r/writing it's not asking for critique i'm not asking for help i feel like this is work that others can build on and it's insight into a writing life i am posting this carefully with the best of intentions

In my next major work that takes like 6 months to write something like a 600 page novel … I'll combine elements from previous books and dovetail them all into a universe all it's own and explore all of the universes together like they were one universe to begin with …

I have this framework for a universe …

a rock climbing installation downtown at macy's that lets you climb up skyscrapers

a committee to oversee a community chest

a great men's shelter

a 300 foot tall computer monitor

a domestic animal exhibit at the zoo

I think that a homeless man that spends time at the rock climbing gym that shows up at the community chest meeting with a great idea and sends emails from the 300 foot tall computer and used to work for the zoo in the domestic animal exhibit is a compelling character

I spend a lot of time thinking about what isn't in writing and I think that writing about a world that is more realistic to me than the one I am sitting in is a way to get closer to where I want to be.

I think every city needs that reality because I think everyone wants to write in plain view of the world on a 300 foot tall computer monitor and I think that everyone wants there to be a domestic animal exhibit at the zoo instead of an ASPCA and i think everyone wants a great men's shelter in their community to take care of the homeless and everyone wants to go indoor rock climbing or would want to go if they could and i think everyone wants a community chest a place where anyone can go and discuss how to spend an a monumental amount of money like when anyone irregardless of who you are in the city at any time can think of a way to spend a billion dollars that's a hell of a city

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I want to write that city … i think it's a note worthy city and it draws together all of my work in my portfolio into a new universe that's as big as the other universes just larger in expanse

and i do want to get to a 600 page book i've only ever done month writing books that take up 200 pages each I do want to lose sight of the world and exist in my imagination for a half of a year and write an epic 600 page classic

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