In 1795 he created a state in Northern Florida, known as Muskogee. He created a flag and a constitution with him as the Director, and then raised an army to conduct raids on Spanish territories in Florida. Eventually in 1800 he actually declared war on the Spanish and had a bounty of $6000, and 1500 kegs of rum placed on his head.

This is where it gets a bit crazy.

He was eventually captured by the Spanish, and was taken back to Madrid where he was imprisoned. King Carlos IV tried to get him to switch sides, but he would not, and actually managed to escape. Escaping from a prison in Madrid is one thing, but this guy then stole a ship and returned to the Golf of Mexico, surviving through piracy. His main victim being a group called “Panton, Leslie and Company.” He then declared himself Chief of all Indians during a tribal council, but was then betrayed and turned over to Spain a short time later. He starved to death in 1805 because he refused to eat.

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