A 'keep your head up' reminder.

In the past year, I stopped and started four projects, each collapsing around the 20% to 40% marker. This, as you might imagine – while self-induced – caused me great mental strife. It felt like I was never gonna finish another manuscript again.

We all know the classic writer advice, 'finish what you start', but I thought since I'd finished one manuscript already, it didn't apply to me. I had broken the seal. I was in the clear! It was a fluke, really.

I had so much material in my head since childhood I was able to dump it on the page in a manic spree of writing. Since then, every new project felt like it wasn't working, and that's when the excuses started; I needed to outline more, outline less, buy writing books and better my craft, write in the morning instead of night, do this or do that. All I did was compound bad habits.

The short and sweet of that is: writing is hard, and I'm grinding my way through my current project to remedy the wall I had built for myself.

But this isn't the point of this post.

While this is to say, 'yes, finish your damn book,' what I'm trying to get at is – I dug myself a massive hole, and could only see the bad in myself. But yesterday was my cake day, and I realized, it has only been a year since I created this Reddit account and took my writing seriously, and in that time – though I have stopped and started multiple projects – I've written over 150,000+ words.

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While many authors, especially in the self-published game, produce two, three, or more books a year, 150k words is still no joke. And hell, it isn't a completed book, but I don't care, I'll gloat about it. I felt like I was performing a task in futility for so long, but I had to remind myself, I also never gave up. I kept writing.

So, perhaps this will be perceived as me bragging with no completed manuscript to show for it (and it is a bit), but what I really want to say is, remind yourself of your accomplishments every now and then – you are capable. Don't pat yourself on the back so much you stop, however. But you know, take that step back, know you're rockin' it wherever you are in the process.

End disjointed attempt at an inspiration post.

Happy writing!

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