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I want to give a quick disclaimer that in no way, shape, or form, I see myself as a “legit” writer. I’m also typing this on mobile, so if there’s any shit formatting, I apologize.

Back when I was 14/15 I wrote a fanfic on Fanfiction.net for the Percy Jackson fandom. It was my own little project just to try out my writing muscle and potential, but also to work through all my cringey teen angst and ideas of romance and action. It ended up getting decently popular, so I put some real effort into it and finished it. Then I moved on from that stage of my life. Nobody presently in my life apart from one friend even knows I wrote that story, let alone fanfiction. I visit my account once every couple months, but don’t edit, don’t update, and definitely don’t write a new fanfic.

Two days ago I got an email which reads as such:

“Dear author,

I'm REDACTED from Ficfun, and I came across your story “INSERT STORY NAME HERE” and was wondering if you'd be interested in sharing your story on our site. We will offer a fair price for your sharing.

Ficfun is a brand new platform launched by STARY PTE. LTD, with the aim to further promote and expand the readership of our male-orientated writers, while simultaneously creating a more boy-friendly environment for our readers.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact me for more details at REDACTED@ficfun dot com. I'm too busy to check this account. Please leave me a link of your page as you sending me email so that I can identify you quickly. Thank you for your understanding!

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Kind regards, REDACTED”

…and I have a couple questions for anybody who knows these guys or what they do. I’m definitely out of my depth.

I did a little research and hear that they’re pretty sketchy and bad with authors rights. Thing is, I’m not trying to make a name for myself or step into the writing world and make it my occupation. Nor am I looking to write another story/fic, or take down my story on Fanfiction (100k words later, you have a wordchild that you’d never hurt). I’m just wondering if it’s worth it to I give them the story and maybe make a couple bucks off of it.

Another slight twist is that in the email they seem to be pretty sure I’m a man. I am not. The fanfiction was written in a very awkward weeb teen phase when I was rejecting female societal standards, so I did a J.K. Rowling and never mention my gender anywhere in either Author Notes or my profile page. I figured people would view me as just simply a writer, and give me whatever gender they wanted to, after all they should be interested my story, not the writer behind the screen. I don’t know if this would be a snag.

Any advice for more veteran writers, or those who know the industry and industry practices? Would I even actually be getting any money or not really? I have zero clue about any of the ways writing and getting paid for it works.

TL;DR; I wrote a fanfic 5 years ago. Now FunFic has contacted me about it, offering money. I’m not looking to become a legit writer, I’m just wondering if it’s worth it for a little money, or if I should leave it alone.

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