Recently i have been coming up with ideas of what my own anime/manga would be about, and i came up with a story called Advancing Mutation. Dont expect much because i never written a concept story like this before.

The protagonist is 14 year old girl named Tsukasa, she lived a normal and mostly happy life with friends in school and is athletic. Tsukassa's design would pay homage to Hilda from Pokemon Black and White, as well as living with a single mother. Despite her age, she is a big fan of a fictional Super Sentai like tv show and collects the show's toys and merchandise. But then everything changed.

One morning she wakes up in shock to see that her hands were mysteriously replaced with large and grey hands with 4 fingers. The skin on her hands were also slightly sticky and she discovers that she can climbs walls with them. Naturally, Tsukasa and her mom go to the doctor's office for answers, but the doctor had no idea what was going on so they went the hospital. All the doctors were surprised as they never seen anything like her case, so they hospitalized Tsukasa for tests and anaylysis. Over time, her mutatiom slowly spreaded from hands to her body, her skin became that same sticky grey skin, as well as her eyes widening with horizontal rectangular pupils, sharpened teeth, and the more she mutated, the more intelligent she became. She and the doctors felt helpless as they couldnt do anything to stop this mutation, causing her to go into a crippling depression and even attempted suicide several times. When nurses restrained her so she wont kill herself she screaming things like, "WHY DID THIS HAPPEN TO ME?! I LIVED SUCH A GOOD LIFE AND I WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!!! THEN I RANDOMLY BECAME THIS UGLY ABOMINATION!!!! PLEASE LET ME DIE!!!!!"

To help cope with this depression, the doctors encouraged her mother amd friends to visit as often as they could, as well as letting Tsukasa wacth her favorite show. Her mother and friends sometimes brought gifts like flowers, merchandise from that show she cherishes, and more. This made her feel a little better, and the doctors let her outside in a nearby park to get some fresh air. Because she has gotten so intelligent with these mutations, Tsukassa took this as an advantage to do her own research, trying uncover the mysteries of her condition, and how to possibly sure it. Several times she outsmarted the nurses and doctors, even creating complicated gadgets out of spare parts.

She used these devices for her research as well as her smartphone. Tsukasa finds out that this condition is in her genetics, and this happened to 1 perosn in her family every 3 generations. Often they were relentlessly bullied due to their appearances and commited suicide. While doing experiments to cure this condition, she accidentally cured cancer through altering DNA samples. Everyone was mind blown and she was interviewed by many news stations. Tsukassa even got to meet the cast of her favorite show and fangirled like crazy. Because she was so smart, she decided to keep that gene in her DNA, but she fixed everything else in her DNA and slowly reverted back to her normal self again.

When she woke up and looked in the mirror she was in tears of joy as everyone came in as the staff came in and was amazed. With her extreme intelligence remaining, she was able to create a machine that perfects DNA on newborn babies to fix any deformities and remove genes that pass down sicknesses. Shortly after she was discharged and went back to school. A few years later she graduated high school and persued to become an inventor, making highly advanced gadgets and devices.

If this were to become a manga/anime it would mostly likely be short, only 2-4 volumes and 12 episodes. I hope u enjoyed my story.

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