I am an American teaching English abroad. I run several English clubs, and my teenage students want me to do a session about the lives of American teenagers. I was wracking my brain for ideas on how to host a meeting around this topic and this idea came to me:

Basically a “Murder Mystery Party” — preferably without the “murder” part — set at an American high school (as per the title!). Things like class periods, extra-curricular activities, and high school traditions (prom, senior pranks, etc.) could be worked into the plot. Character roles would be students with different interests, hobbies, ambitions, and connections/relationships among them.

I’m struggling with what “crime” should take place and what motives characters could have. Because the game is for ESL students, it needn’t be too complicated.

Has anybody here written a mystery party game before? Is there any science to writing motives and (potentially false) alibis?

Thank you!

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