Basically, I live in Germany and have never been to the US myself, but as my works are all very heavily inspired by books, movies and TV shows everything other than having it set in the USA, seems unfit.

First notion was to choose New York as this is the city I know most about, but maybe it is too well known and overused…? Chicago and Seattle were my second thoughts, but I wouldn't know what makes them more or less fit.

In general, I want the more-or-less standard US american metropolis with downtown skyscrapers, gentrified lofts, a Chinatown; that sort of stuff has to be there. I also want to avoid cities that are too heavily tainted by a certain style already (like neon-lit palm tree Miami or Hollywood L.A.).

So, can anyone help me with that? How do you choose which city to set your stories in?

Edit: I made a follow-up post this thread, where I address some of the awesome suggestions you guys came up with. You can find it here: Link!

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