I've co-authored with this person before on a story we ended up scrapping due to her lack of interest.

(I'll call her Piper)

We are currently writing two books right now, one is just a fun piece (a fan fiction of Harry Potter, laugh if you want) and the other is a book we actually plan to publish.

There have been a couple of red flags fairly early on. In both stories, two of the characters that she basically only writes (she only wants to write them) have the same names, same physical descriptions, and very similar personalities.

She also hates giving villains any depth and whenever I try to she gets defensive and doesn't like humanizing them. (This is weird considering the villains are literally teenagers, in both stories).

She wants to give all the characters mental disorders, but hates any other types of realism (I tried to mention that a friend group would most likely have other people in it besides the main characters and she didn't like it).

This is more like an observation, but the character Piper likes to write the most seems a lot like Piper in personality and in looks.

Today we were discussing possibly adding a few more characters into the book, and she instantly got upset. Apparently the characters reminded her of "bad people" at her old school and she didnt like it.

That really frustrates me for a couple of reasons.

It's good if characters remind you of people! Realism is good! You shouldn't just dismiss an idea that actually kind of needs to happen for the story to work because of your own problems.

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Also, whenever we discuss the story, I give her immense detail and put effort into whatever we are currently discussing, and often she replies with a few details or just "yeah".

She almost never wants to write and almost always just wants to talk about the stories.

She becomes disinterested as easily as she becomes interested in things and we sometimes scrap story ideas just because she doesnt like them anymore.

Also, she always will point out any mistakes or things she dislikes/doesn't agree with in my writing/ideas and if I do she gets super defensive.

Also, all her characters are problematic and have zero character development. When I give them character development she says she doesn't like how it changes the characters.

I'm friends with Piper and recently it seems like this is the only way we've been interacting.

It's kind of draining to be doing this with her, and I already have a ton of homework I have to do so writing is already hard to squeeze into my schedule, and I feel shes not helping.

Any advice?

Edit: in the past we've had success writing together, most of these problems have sprung up in the last month, which is why its especially frustrating.

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