I know this question has been asked countless times, so I apologise for even asking, but I really want to get your perspectives on my current situation. I am here to ask the age old question: To series or not to series… for my first attempt at a published book. Allow me to provide some context…

I am currently working on a pretty lengthy book series. For next to four years now, almost all of my writing time has been dedicated to this idea. I am loving every second of working on this series, and have really started to amp up my productivity as the first book comes together – I'm at around 60k words at this point (not taking into account the hand-written words).

I am also going through some stupid mental shit that has a habit of affecting my will to do anything, but I've been pushing through predominantly due to my passion for my current project. Essentially, my love for this series is the only thing willing me to continue writing. My attempts to write other stories, short stories, two sentence stories are usually futile, as I often end up giving up and going back to my series.

Lately, I've come across many accounts of writers who have attempted to have the first book of their series published to no avail, and people who have suggested trying to get a stand-alone book published before attempting a series. This is a bit disheartening as someone who is neck deep in a beast of a series, however I fully understand why it is the case. I also fully intend to get my series published at some point.

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With that in mind, I have recently been trying (not very successfully) to expand my writing to more than just my series. I have also been formulating a few other ideas for stand-alone books in my spare time. I have one solid idea in particular that has been brewing, which conveniently would only really work as a single book. I'm pretty eager to work on this alternate idea and I'd love to write it eventually, so it's not like I would be doing something I despise, but the series is where my heart truly lies.

I've been contemplating the various options I have, including:

  • Continue working on my series until I complete my first book, and then attempt to get it published.
  • Pause on the series, work towards writing and publishing the stand-alone, alternate idea. Return to the series with a published book to my name.
  • Finish the first book of the series considering the current progress and momentum, but don't attempt to get it published. Take a break and work on alternate ideas, and only return to book two of the series when I have a published book to my name.

Considering the context I have provided, I'd love to know what you think. What would you do if you were in my shoes?

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