So, I’m sitting in an airport and feeling rather despondent. I thought I’d use my layover time to finish my book. Instead I made a random airport friend and wasted more time on reddit, lurking in this subreddit and checking the main page…wasting time.

I’m in my early thirties now. Since I was 12 I’ve wanted to write a book. I have so many stories in my head, and I love world building. I’m confident in my writing as well. It’s one of the only skills that I have honed and indulged in with actual passion. I love it.

But to this day no one has ever read anything I’ve written (fiction-wise).

  1. Because I never finish a story on paper.

  2. Because I think it sucks and I freak out and move on to something else.

I’m at the penultimate conclusion of a book I have thrown together in just three or so months. It’s fun, I’m writing from the hilt, using ideas that have been loved but I couldn’t fit into other worlds. I like it. Damn, at one point it almost got a bit comical with the direction I thought it was heading. I told myself I’d be done by this year.

But now I’m thinking…what if I just suck at this? It’s such a weird concept, who would like this story except for me?

My idea isn’t really action-y, it has very few characters. It has unreliable narrators. It’s heavily morality-based. There are likely no purely good or evil people. And, at some points, it kinda feels like a dark fantasy Freaky Friday.

I’m not good at sharing, but should I reach out for feedback to get my confidence back? How do I find readers in the right genre. I have friends that have offered to read it but it’s not something they normally read. Should I just push through and be done with it?

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