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he was stoned, by the way, and wasn't sure if he was writing poetry, speaking bullshit, or just messaging an audience of one

i can believe reddit has rules.

this guy, me, got super fucking high tonight and wrote this out because i really all think if we woke up, woke up just right now at this moment, we could save this world

practice empathy.

wrote an email to myself and can't help but look for sentence structure. thats how fucked i am ( we are, where all the fucking same you know).

digital media has a fucking hold on us,

so what does this mean:

  1. I'm intererested in whatever sentance structure means. you practice sentance structure is to practice writing manipulative, not neccesarily negative..manupulative is any sense that our words have effect

affect for effect fucking architecture trash/treasure

treasure trash. business name. highlighting the subjectivity and nuace of the perception of an an individual.

individual perceptionin

individuals perception

i want to be a writer, i want to be the creator of worlds. the struggle

i never want to let this go. but we have to, and do at some point.

written word, not the media culture fast pop tv shit, slow propogation..slow art

as for the directors cut. fucking figure out what the directors cut really means. im crying now, its that simple. the directors cut, the feeling it gives when you watch that. why do epople live directors cuts? tahts the secret

slow art. its about fuking slow art. the definition of slow has changed amongst capitalist reality, slow is now that which cannot yet be instantly absorbed.

fast media/tech talking the art out of living.

this dj just chop up and slow down a backstreet boys cut



good shit for the good

surround yourself with the type of poeple you want to be around, be honest. strive towards the self fulfilling goal of being an artist, what does be an artist really means "do it like an arist" "do it like a person who has has seen beaty

being expressively honest, i feel like i cant express myself, but i have nothing to hide

google it. sociology/philisophy of viral. viral phenomenom

fear of making personal statements in public, fear of openng my self to the risk of neagtive ffeedback

dealing with negative feedback, teach that to your kid!

is it a self confidence thing

the day i started googling at my hight thoughts. Is this unique to me, or one of those things everyone does and no one talks about. or does everyone talk about it, but just not me. why do i feel left out of some social norms

the curl of a thinly sliced sausage in the frying pan. the kink that provides. someone else who has that kink, how much else would we share?

i love crafting sentances. its good for my anxiety. i dont have to talk

he buried its all just pretence, this far in, hoping to give they one last trip. They were all fucked.

chasing the high hits when you have a that sobering thought that everything comes to an end. (so you might as well just stop worrying about shit and live)

(fuck we are all so fucked)

patience, letting that saausage crack in pan, by accident rn, but bc of my state, but normally i would not have, im normally impatient….everythings lol in the end. fuck that was the pasta

fuck we are all dead, everthings to good right now.capitalism fall

you hit a mosquito, makes not mark. fuck that was a hungy mosquito.

we are all fucked

but really the directors cut, the directors cut is the truth. no pretense, but its there for the art. a capitalists nod to the artist. learn to savour what's in the directors cut

fancy nico

at 53:30. @charlottedewittemusic

dressed up mac n cheese

what i want to for a livign is positively manipulate. manipulating people to have good feelings/expereinces. lear the skill so iflect healthy experiences.

this intro to this dj set. trance is for fucking stoners

chasing that almost burned, perfectly delicious morcel.

dont drop this bad boy untill right now. this probably belongs in /depression, but so do all of us.

i want tog et to the club that goes, you know what, now i know what thats all about and i dont guve a fuck

I want to be i dont give a fuck

i dont give a FUCK

i DONT give a fuck

i dont GIVE a fuck

I dont give a fucki dont give A fuck

5 word sentance, 5 ways, 5 completely differnt nuaces.

the stress on the word, the premonition, the manipulation of language for the cause of the good.

two sides, the people that get it, and the people that dont.

its not about positive and negative. its about that there's two differenv ways of thinking. THERE ARE SO MANY FUCKING WAYS TO THINK, THINK ABOUT THINGS. everyone should just fucking chill the fuck out. harmony fuck, whats a good accapella

i feel so emotionally stranded and unstable, my immune system the one really keeping me in shape (the rest has gone)

i m so worried we all think these things, and dont want to say it, but studying the effects of this experiment afterwards, had the humans woken up from the brainwash just a few years earlier, they would have saved the whole thing.

when you tap in to this alternate reality, you're really sucking the life out of the other side in order to live this elevated status.

fuck, everything is in iquilibirum. we eat like kings, and someone else doesn't

the cast aside of fables as the truth. bring fables, not fairy tailes, into life. the able as antidote,

fuck, is that why parents get them, cause they are getting it for themselves, reminding themvselfs of what it could be like

i want to rid myself of this energy

i wish so many of us could

the story of a boy who wanted to feel is body again, as a fucking movie

how do they determine what is a good movie script vs a series script.

insider vs outside. on the topic of film one says series, one says show (as opposed to movie)

the realization of someone who has come to realise (not yet toterms) with their addiction problem: fuck the overnight oats are actually ready 2 hrs later.

the hypnisis of gluttony. practising with restraing in the capitalist world

book title "practising with restraint in the capitalist word" Imake it a poster)FUCKING CHALLENGE ME TO WRITE THAT

good and bad tempation. the philosophy of GOOD VS BAD

coming in second sucks

he called to himself, full well knowing what it meant.


not dealing with addiction, he says to himself. i want to be the guy that gets high and instead of burning my house down, i catch teh burner in time and make the most deliciously golden mac and cheese." was it hurcele who flew to close to the sun?

artist swho attribute their work to being hight

practice of clown cuture, obsurdity, carnival what it reallly means

i was on to some shit that was great for the hight thoughts. i should have stuck to it

that reddit ribbon, i cant beleive we are so immune to it all now. its been common for so long now…we're fucked, a bit of back to the future moement here for me. but those moments early ealry 70/80's/90's tech boom.

the advent of the itnernet, a small little fucking dos chat room for fucks sake. look where we are not. this didital capitalsm world.

find books that discuss thethruth of the confluenc of the digatli media and capitalsm,. whatever fucking principles you find in a book like that, become aware to them. they just fucking predicted our future

environment green and spatial environment are the same fucking thing. did the creator of environemnta deisng at dal not ever think there was a different, they saw truth the whole tim, they had seen it. they could see the whole picture.

got damn it, realise it now, environemnt (green environemnt) and environment (spatial deisng) are teh same fcking thing. I can practice spatial design that really is changing the environment, not jst making luxurous insta goods

interned mods are regular people. i know nothing about that culture, yet i've always made assumptions. can i live withouth assumptions? yes, just turn them into judgements. whats the dif between assumption vs judgement. google it

i miss story telling

i miss being part of that "collectie start wars storey." thing. didnt want to have my food part ways into to many things.

part way stepping into to many things. i just want to put my energy into one place. the world needs more specialists, now more than ever, return to our old ages roots, where one was an expert at metals, one and making hay bails (the seemingly 'dumb' one), one at "collecting and processing the hay" ones who found a way to convince themselfs that the fucking beautiful but dumb taslk of rolling up hail bails was a fucking skill, and then the ones that really fucking collectnd process the hay. the one few corporations controlling us all.

i wish we could wake up.

did i make it?

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