Does anybody feel or get the same way with their stories? I can write more freely sometimes when it comes to certain stories I'm currently working on.

Like for instance, I'll work on Story A much more than Story B, but Story B needs to be worked on much more than Story A.

I find this as a blockage towards me being creative with Story B. Its as if I can't work on Story B without at least an ounce of help or "creative juice" to keep me writing.

While Story A, mind you, has much more going for it and progress than Story B does.

I'm wondering why this is, because it really isn't helping me get anywhere with asking for motivation or ideas every time I wanna start writing Story B.

Even googling the subject matter, which leads me down another rabbit hole, I end up being more confused or get into things that I know isn't necessary for me to start writing Story B.

As a writer, what would you do in this situation? If you have felt the same, what worked for you?

As for advice, what questions should I be asking myself? Should I give up Story B and just keep writing Story A? Or should I keep writing Story B, but put more focus on it than Story A?

I love to hear any thoughts or advice on this.

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