I started writing about three years ago. I initially wrote a couple sci fi romance books, decided that wasn't really my style, and then jumped into contemporary romance. I was able to quit my job about a month after my contemporary debut, and I've been writing ever since. So far, I've written 15 top 50 overall Amazon bestsellers, 6 of which ended up hitting the top 10 overall.

I tend to over-answer, so if you ask me a question, you can probably expect a few paragraphs in response. If there's a lot of activity and two people ask similar questions, I may just let you know that I went into the answer somewhere else in the thread and try to tell you where to look.

As a self published author, I've kind of had to learn every aspect of the business, so you can ask me anything from writing craft related stuff to cover design or marketing. I've also recently started working with Montlake Romance, so I can talk some about what kind of differences I've seen in traditional versus self publishing.

*PS, the mods needed to verify me so my last post got removed and a couple questions were lost. I still have them in my inbox, so if I haven't seen you repost them I'll try to remember to get back to you later. I'll also be around for about 2 hours and then I'll be back on again tonight, so if questions are coming in, I'll be sitting here answering. If questions come in after that, I'll keep checking my inbox for the next several days and make sure I get back to everyone. Thanks!

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**I've had a ton of fun answering questions so far. I've got to go for an hour or two, but I'll come back and answer more questions tonight! (7:11PM, EST)

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