Late last year I wrote my first book I believed to be worthy of publication. There have been others, but we don't talk about those. Anywho, with this book I went through the experience of publishing it on Amazon just so I can see what the process is like for future reference. Not too long ago I got my first royalty check for a grand total of $4.12 This was oddly exciting to me and it made me start thinking "just how far can I go with this?" After a crash course in industry tactics, I am now on the journey of finding a literary agent to represent me in looking for a publishing company. I might sound naive and foolhardy to some, probably because of my young age, but I prefer to see myself as ambitious and spirited.

As for the purpose of this post, I am looking for any type of advice, tips, useful stories, or just for a general point in the right direction as to where I should begin my journey. One of the things I've heard is that genre matters a lot at this point so it's a book of short stories with varying genres but the main story (which has four parts) is a fantasy story about four pirate brothers and it highlights one of their adventures on the high seas.

I appreciate any advice or help that is given, even just the time of day to read this. Now I bid you tata.

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