Hey all.

For the last year or so, I've been working on the outline to a story set in a homebrew one-big-lie sci-fi setting created by me and a friend. Now, the outline is finished and I've begun writing.

And it terrifies me.

According to the outline I've made, the book is going to be 43 chapters long. The first four (first-draft) chapters currently sum up to over 8000 words. When I set out to make the book, I didn't realize just how big it was going to get, and the sheer scope of it is terrifying to me. I'm not writing this book to be published, just something to be shared with friends and groups, maybe shown to my kids one day.

But the sheer scale is making me tremble with every line I write. It's not stopping me, but there's a nagging feeling of dread in the back of my mind. This is going to be my second 'big' thing (first being my thesis for my master's), and I'm afraid, because in my mind there's this vibrant sci-fi setting.. but what if I can't do it justice on paper? What if I lack the skill and what comes out of my writing is but a pale imitation of the thing in my head?

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