So basically I have this very ambitious idea in mind and was wondering if it's doable and/or a good idea. I was thinking of writing and, if it gets to this point, publishing 2 sets of novels on a rotation (about 3 books each I'd say).

One would be more high fantasy (intricate world, mix of unique new races and more established ones, magic) while the other would be more high sci-fi (with magic-like technology, planet-ships, an adventure across the stars)

But this is where it gets interesting: throughout the fantasy novels one particular race would uncover some deep mysteries about their past and the past of the world. This would lead to them uncovering unprecedented power and technological advancement to the point of it being on par with the sci fi novels. Then, after hinting at it throughout the previous novels, I'd reveal the two worlds are actually a part of one bigger story! (maybe another couple novels?)

So I love this idea, but my biggest worry is that it might be alienating to the readers or too niche of a thing to do. Some people love fantasy, others love sci fi, but not everyone enjoys both. Would this be too risky? Or could I pull it off while maintaining the right blend of the two styles? Perhaps make them both work as standalones? Has anyone else merged two genres like this before?

Thanks 🙂

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