I’m writing a story from female perspective, need advice what it’s like for a girl to like a guy


I'm male writing from a female perspective. My story is a portal fantasy story where a british girl, Eliza, gets transported to the fantasy world. She met with another protagonist, Gregory and together they form an adventuring party.

Context (a bit long, if you don't want to read you can skip, but it helps with understanding personality of the character):


Eliza(the MC) who was born into rich family as a kid. She is extremely intelligent, with many many offers from privileged university at young age. However, because of her father’s career, he rarely came home, if ever, and her mother have always been abusive power trippers since she was a kid. For example; being harshly scolding her on every little things which is sometimes doesn’t make sense like if she was even a minute late for getting in the car to home from school, they would leave her to walk home by herself(distant not from home to school is not near). Her mother would physically hit her all the time even with something that is trivial and it’s so severe that sometimes she can’t walk. Her parents also kept her academic successes above all else represses her personal desires such as socialising and making friends, which she never was given much autonomy. While she had a success in academia, she always felted empty inside because academia isn’t all what she wanted in life. This rage that builds up over time turn her into an angsty person with temper problem which she would be the cause of her lashing her anger by getting into fights with other students. On the outside, she is polite and frank, but she could be easily angered

Gregory is a paladin who's the leader of the group. He is an orphan boy who was raised in a mega church. During his early teen years, he took the job of a courier of the church at he age of 10, delivering messages of the churches throughout the empire. Because of his strict religious upbringing, he was discouraged from his ambition to be an adventurer and making fame for himself. That all changed when he met Eliza, he took an instant liking to her because she demonstrated her ability to logically think through things and request she and him form and adventuring party.

He is the person who strung the member of the group together. He can be goofy at times and somewhat took too much of a straightforward approach to problem. His self-centered worldview could make him blunt at times, causing him to be mistaken for an egotist douche when he clearly didn't want to hurt anyone. However, he can be very serious when situation comes to dire and has unbreakable resolve


I was planning to have her relationship with Gregory be platonic at first but later in the series starts to slowly get romantic. Because of her lack of human warmth since her childhood, Gregory being her friend and being the first person who truly cared about her makes her really attached to him. To Eliza, Gregory is her "light" in life

My question is what is it about a man that makes a woman like them? Coming from a cis man, I can't comprehend this. Is it the way they talk, the way they dress, their looks? Also, what is it like when a woman likes man, how would she react?

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