While on a different subreddit leagueoflegends, a discussion was started on the significance, or lack there of, of American combat involvement in WWII. The significance of their supplies is undeniable, so the arguments were focusing on military actions. For those wondering, the argument came up after some presumably americans said the proto-typical "we saved EU by winning WWII"

The argument was mostly that by the time the Americans troops got involved Russia was already gearing up and as the Axis overextended into the East the Russians pushed and would have been entirely successful without any of the western theater due to their sheer military might (given, mostly in numbers). According to those giving this argument, this is essentially what was taught in primary European history education, that even if America had not been involved Russia still would have won against the Axis powers. As an American who was taught essentially that we won WWII, this argument, while theoretically making sense, doesn't sound right considering the scale of the French/Africa/Italy campaigns and the amounts of troops, generals, and munitions dedicated to the west.

So how important was American military involvement in WWII? Does the US's primary education system well overstate the importance of the US military involvement?

Source: reddit post


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