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To get right into it, so I wanted to ask, what makes an inciting incident?

Does a character NEED an inciting incident?

CHARACTER A would have their inciting incident in the prologue, whilst looking for riches and excitement (Sounds like a Pirate but isn't, gonna have to reword that in my notes) boards a train and ends up fighting ANTAGONIST A who beats CHARACTER A and CHARACTER A barely escapes with his life. ANTAGONIST is involved with the big bad guy, and after being picked up by "THE ORGANISATION" he agrees to help THE ORGANISATION take down the Big Bad, not so much to actually take down the big bad, but to face ANTAGONIST A again, prove he is stronger and loves the idea off and fighting such a strong opponent, have the fun of fighting people and hopefully earn a fat sum of money at the end, which he'd want to move up in the world and hopefully he would have fun and excitement there.

CHARACTER B would take the task because she is already loyal to the ORGANISATION and is following the group because she wants to feel redeemed for her past actions and feels that this is the way to do it.

CHARACTER C is kinda the unwilling hero, doesn't WANT to join but feels he has to stop the Big Bad, and is looking for a place in the world he feels this will give him a place in the world.

Do these seem like "good" inciting incidents? Good reasons to take the job? The would come to take it upon themselves kind of thing, instead of doing it for themselves they do it for others. Classic story shit, but is what I have interesting? I saw that quote off: "A story a character can walk away from is one a reader can walk away from" or something like that and I can't stop trying to follow that, thanks in advance, any and all helpful criticism is welcome

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Merry Christmas! Even if you dont celebrate it have a good day =)

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