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I'm writing a short story where a King decides to put a full-on ban for religion, citing it as a "source of all conflict."

This oppresses people beyond measure, and for years they are forced to live with this, otherwise they will be taken out.

My protagonist as a result grows up in a society where he is innocent to religion. He has no idea what Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism etc. is. Books, any sort of religious information is burned and/or erased as a result of the King's decree.

I kinda realized as I was writing this, it might seem offensive. My protagonist often questions many things about religious references he sees (what is god, who is "this" Jesus people talk about, etc) and I can't help but wonder if that would be incredibly offensive. I don't see it as offensive personally, but his naivety on the idea of religion is something I could see bothering someone else who is incredibly religious. Idk though, I really think it would be interesting to explore how ignorant he is of religious views in general, I'm just not sure if it would be appropriate in this day and age, considering how sensitive people can get.

Another thing I've wondered is whether or not I should include existing religions as whole in my oppressive narrative. Would it be better to just simply make up a religion, and have the protagonist be naive asking questions about that, or would it be more effective and relatable to include existing religions and have the protagonist be naive about that instead? I was going for both having a story with both real life religions and made up ones, the made up ones being religions people came up with as a result of being oppressed for years under the atheist regime. As for what they would entail, what kind of faith they would turn out to be, that is yet for me to brainstorm. As a person who is not as religious as others, I figured this would be a series of questions worth asking before I embark into coming up with faiths. Thanks for reading.

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