I have 3 books in the works, they have deep philosophical backgrounds and they explore 3 concepts of humanity and the nature of progression (Tradition, Happiness and Free-Will). How do I incorporate these in to my story? Do I:

A) Write a plot based story and hope that the intelligent readers can pick up on the themes and risk that is goes unnoticed and dissected incorrectly by some crappy English teacher in the future,

B) Write in dialogue that actually explores the themes openly, have background characters physically discuss the themes i.e. Diaz and the mafiosa at the end of the Counselor, the police in No Country for Old Men, etc etc.

For reference, the book themes and plots:

The Sins of the Father – A story about how religion is a decaying monolith in modern society and how old values and traditions have caused the decay of humanity as they cling to something old that gets more corrupted as it is passed down. Seen through the eyes of an outsider visiting a town in the deep south, investigating a string of deaths that the police won't touch.

To Step From the Clouds – A story about what makes life worth living, is it really life if you are devoid of any sense of being alive, how does our freedom affect quality of life and how much a surveillance state big government is tantamount to torture. This is seen through the eyes of a nobody man living life 'in the clouds', getting his hands on government secrets and finding the government will mentally, physically and emotionally destroy him and those around him at all costs in order to get it back.

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Decay Beneath the Beauty – This is a story on free-will and decisions. Do we have free-will or is every decision we ever make a naturally impulsive reaction to a chain of external stimuli that you are completely unaware of and how everything is out of your control. It looks at where does free-will start and chaos theory end (i.e. i can fight or flight as a free choice but the events that lead me to that was somebody else's doing, despite feeling like I walked in to it of my own determination). This is seen as a man, attracted to the beauty of crime and corruption, has everything turned upside down and finds himself fighting for his survival when multiple unrelated instances across the globe, domino their way down to him and his life is determined by those above him who pull the strings.

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