Dear Historian's how much did the Mongols shape the world as we know it.

To my understanding the world before the Mongols invasions had 3 most advanced human civilization/regions where Persia, India and China. With European technology, science and culture lagging behind.

Now one could argue that only by the invasion and destruction of these regions the Europeans had time to catch up and shape the world as we know it today.

I am thinking about the book burning of Baghdad or the weekend Hindu Indians paving the way for a Muslim takeover in modernday Pakistan/north India. But also about the defeat of the Georgian army, from which the region never really recovered (in terms of world influence).

What is your much more profound opinion of the more long-term holistic impact of the Mongol invasion? Do I miss some important points? Where the Europeans actually behind or is that my misconception.

Please enlighten me and everybody interested.

Source: reddit post

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