I’ve become inflicted with a serious addiction and not even my physician can treat my condition.
I have a confession – I’m hooked on affection, and I feel like I’m crashing harder every second.
I need to take a hit before withdrawals kick in and you’re the only substance that can fix my itch.
Everything about you drives me crazy. I need a dose of you to keep me going daily.
I have nothing scheduled except for you. I’m always down for some off labelled use.
I’m addicted to you, thus I need an intervention. I’m obsessed with you, beyond human comprehension.
You’re a seductive voluptuous flirtatious temptation, the same formulation as my prescription medication.
Since we’ve been together I’ve been in remission. In addition, you are my only ambition.
Now that I am being rehabilitated, I’m ready to attend the Special Education.
But now is not the time for a dissertation, I’m here for a presentation on sensual liberation.
The subject of the day is penetration. Let’s experiment with the root of overpopulation.
I get the impression you have some good intentions. I am here to steer you in the right direction.
I make no exception; I expect perfection, when you give me a demonstration in sexual expression.
You managed to find my Achilles heel. Now it’s time to unveil what was once concealed.
Like a contractor you know how to handle wood. You work it really good. As well as you should.
Buildings aren’t the only thing being erected, when you work all night uninterrupted.
You played me like a game of tug of war, pushing and pulling back and forth.
Hold the rope; don’t let it go, retain the tension, you’re making good progression.
I can’t seem to help but pay attention; the way you teach me deserves a commendation.
You drowned me with sensations, stimulated my senses. This session went way beyond my expectations.
It’s unreal how great this feels – everything about you screams sex appeal.
I know an amazing relief technique that we can incorporate into our routine.
I will be discreet whenever we meet, without question you have my complete discretion.
What we have is a true connection, as we practice our version of natural selection.
I enjoy the repetition of each rendition. With your permission I’d like to change positions.
Saddle up, we’re going on a journey. We’re on our way to becoming missionaries.
I have a new appreciation for my tuition now that I have been schooled in copulation.
I learned a lot from your private lessons. It shouldn’t be too hard to retain the information.

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