The rain swept over the dark, ugly city. People spoke in dark tones. They hated how technology was changing their lives.

( Objective narration?)

Peter looked at the TV. He felt awful. The host made a statement. "Get ready for the biggest game of the year…"


The Government had made it legal for all sports teams to gamble for their own team. Many people had been caught and tried to fight the system, but to no avail. ( Objective narration?)

As Peter watched the TV his friend Andrew walked in. Andrew was a smart guy, but had trouble communicating with others. Peter wanted to help him, but didn't know how.

Is this 3rd person limited, or 3rd person omniscient? Or both? The story explains stuff through the narrator, and only through Peter.

So, maybe it is 3rd person omniscient, but a LIMITED OMNISCIENT (Subjective Omniscient), right? And what are some examples of books doing this?


Source: reddit post

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